Waymo – Putting Car Drivers out of Jobs

The world is changing faster than ever. Cars have become old news. We’re heading towards an innovative world, where flying cars are not far from now. But today, it’s the era of self-driving cars.


Waymo – formerly the Google Self-Driving Cars Project, is now a reality. It is an autonomous car development company that spun out of Google’s parent company in December, 2016. 7 years is what it took for this to happen.

It may be a surprise to some, that the leader in self-driving car technology is not a car company. But yes, it’s rather the mobile search giant Albhabet.

With over 3 million self-driven miles on the road, Waymo is enjoying the first mover advantage in this industry. Not only do they drive 25,000 autonomous miles every week, but it’s done in largely complex city streets. A launch of a road-legal full-fledged self-driving is expected soon. Imagine! A car that drives itself. If Park-Assist feature in cars surprised you, this is going to blow your mind away.



Waymo is currently in talks with Honda R&D and Chrysler. Both the companies are rumoured to be joining hands to provide vehicles to Waymo. Waymo’s current fleet of cars comprises of about 30 of Waymo’s own “Koala” cars and 100 Chrysler Pacifics.

If discussions lead to a formal agreement, Honda Motor Co. would become the second automaker to work with Waymo. Honda has said that it plans to introduce vehicles with autonomous driving capabilities on public roads as soon as 2020.



An all around view of Sensors on Koala

Waymo vehicles have sensors and software that are designed to detect pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, road work and more from a distance of up to two football fields away in all directions. These sensors and software detect and predict the behavious of all the road users around the car.


Waymo has now launched the Early Rider Program and have begun public trials in Pheonix, AZ, and 3 other locations in the US. So we can expect self-driving cars to be launched really soon.

The only major question to be asked is – “Is India ready for Self-Driving Cars?”


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